Foreigners in Nanjing: Temporary Residence More Strictly Controlled

Publisher:刘琪Published:2018-03-01Times :10

To further standardize the management of campus housing of international students, and maintain the order and stability of international students, the following regulations are emphasized:

1. International students shall register temporary residence through WeChat within 24 hours upon checking in. (WeChat registration only, instruction on WeChat registration:

2. International students who change rooms under school arrangement shall conduct WeChat registration for temporary residence within 24 hours upon checking in.

3. Student shall live in the appointed room and shall not exchange rooms without the consent of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation.

4. Visitor must show valid student ID, or passport and register at the doorkeeper before entering the international student building.

5. Student shall not host any visitor in his/her dormitory room overnight.

6. Students who fail to register temporary residence according to the regulations will face an official warning and a fine of less than 2000 RMB by the public security.



Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

March 1st,2018