2018 Winter Vacation Safety Notice

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Fire and frozen accidents are prevalent in winter largely due to misuse of appliances and remiss. The CPU international community shall work together to ensure public safety. We now remind everyone that:


If you will be out of dormitory for more than 24 hours, make sure to shut the doors, windows, water and electricity supply to avoid ice/water damage. Wiring board and charger must be unplugged and kept away from bed or any flammable when nobody’s around to avoid self-ignition.


The latest regulation published by CPU security office, logistics office and student affairs office prohibits students to ride, use, recharge or store any form of E-bikes, motorcycles or E-motorcycles on-campus. International students are no exception.


All heating sources, cookers, fires, explosive/poisonous chemicals, weapons, and hoarding junks are prohibited in bedrooms. Upon detection, the University will confiscate any prohibited utility and issue warning notice to the user of such utilities.


Fire accidents caused by misuse of electrical appliances or using fire in places with fire hazard, according to the Accident Identification Report by the Fire Police, the user shall assume all legal responsibilities.

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