Notice: It's more difficult to get study visa in China

Publisher:刘琪Published:2017-12-29Times :10

Starting from Jan. 1, 2018, the Nanjing Police will raise the standard of applying for study-type Residence Permit by asking university to provide international student’s attendance data in their official letter. 

Those whose attendance rate fall below 70%, or have a poor academic record, or cannot afford their study and life in China, or have demerit record such as illegal work or illegal temporary residence are not eligible for study-type Residence Permit. 

With attendance rate between 70%~80%, applicant will only get 180 days study-type Residence Permit. 

With attendance rate above 80%, applicant may get study-type Residence Permit for more than one year and are eligible for work-study

The latest document also requires students to start their application 30 days before their current Residence Permit expires. A new template of university’s official letter is attached below.

Please see the original governmental document for details. 

Section of International Students

China Pharmaceutical University