2021 Nanjing Government Scholarship Application

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2021 Nanjing Government Scholarship Application

(For Senior Students - exclude CSC&CPU Presidential Scholarship Students)

I Categories of Applicants and the scholarship

Categories of applicants




10,000 RMB

One year

Master and PhD

20,000 RMB

One year

Visiting Student/Language Students

5,000 RMB

6-12 months

II Application Materials

The applicants must fill in and provide the following materials truly and correctly.

1. Completed CPU application form http://international.cpu.edu.cn/366/list.htm);

2. Photocopy of info page of the passport;

3. Academic result (2020-2021 academic year);

4. Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors in Chinese or English (applicable to Master’s and doctoral applicants and professors, signature, contact phone number and email address must be put on the letter.);

5. Published academic papers or other academic achievements (if applicable).


A. The incomplete application materials will not be processed.

B. Application materials will NOT be returned regardless of the result of application.

C.Please submit all the necessary paper application documents to H2-633 or H1 doorman before the deadline.

III Deadline of Application

      14:30 Saturday18 Sept., 2021

* For any doubts or concerns, please contact Ms FU, 1161956411@qq.com.

南京市政府奖学金申请表2021 Nanjing Government Scholarship Application Form.doc

School of International Education

September 16, 2021