Work-study Program Application at China Pharmaceutical University

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With the approval of the relevant authorities of the People’s Republic of China, international students in Nanjing can be engaged in temporary employment and obtain some labor remuneration in accordance with the laws in their spare time. Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (hereafter referred to as The office) accept students’ application and recommend qualified students to work part-time in Nanjing.

I Eligibility

1.Healthy and 18 years old and above;

2.CPU full-time registered degree students

3.Second year students and above

4.No criminal or demerit record

5.Accumulative average score shall be over 85

6.Good class attendance and performance. Students who have been absent for more than 3 times shall not apply for the work-study program.

7.Students who are currently in academic suspension or extension shall not apply. 

II Submission of required documents.

All applicants are required to submit the Work-Study Application Form, Work-Study Recommendation Form, and the other supporting documents listed below to Miss Zhang (G11-Office 103) within the first two weeks of each semester. Application shall be processed only once each semester and late submission shall not be considered.

1.Completed Work-Study Application Form

2.Work-Study Recommendation Form

3.A copy of valid passport and residence permit

4.Competed medical examination report

Ⅲ Documents Review

1. The applicants’ documents will be reviewed and the qualified candidates will be shortlisted.

2. The qualified applicants will be recommended to Jiangsu Foreign Enterprise Service Center for final review.

Ⅸ Notification

Pre-accepted candidates will be notified as soon as the office gets confirmation from the Jiangsu Foreign Enterprise Service Center.




Work-study Application Form 中国药科大学国际学生勤工助学申请表.xlsx

Work-Study Recommendation Form 中国药科大学国际学生勤工助学推荐表.xls



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