2017 Guidance for the Online Review of Graduation Thesis (Undergraduate)

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Login Page:

Login ID: your student ID number

Initial Password is the same as ID number

Having question about ID? Please look at your student ID and Campus Card.

Forgot your password? Please visit http://international.cpu.edu.cn/13/ea/c377a5098/page.htm or visit Campus Net Center (Library 7F) with your student ID and Campus Card to reset the password

General Questions:

Q: In what browser can I open the page?

A: Internet Explorer (suggested)

Q: In what language shall I fill the online forms?

A: English and Chinese are both OK.

1. Choose a topic


  1. Everyone can choose up to 3 topics

  2. Before the deadline, you may modify any of the 3 topics.

  3. Your choice will be submitted for review by all the professor of the area of study. Before the professor presses “confirm” you will still have time to modify.

  4. As long as the professor presses “confirm”, you will see only one of the 3 topics.

  5. If you see “not chosen by the professor” it means the professor has chosen another student for this topic. Please modify your choice timely.

Sample of an approved topic

Click in 开题报告

2. Proposal

1. Submitted proposal is subject to the approval of your reviewer. Please check your status timely to confirm if your proposal is approved.

2. If your proposal contains lots of formulas, functions or equations, please upload .jpg documents. The system will automatically generate the comments.

3. Briefly describe the background, literature review, importance and innovative points of your proposed study.

The red arrowhead shows where you upload the attachment documents (.jpg)

3. Mid-term Qualification of the Thesis

Briefly describe 1. progress you have made (e.g. literature review) 2. procedures that need to be done  (e.g. experiments)

4. First draft of your thesis

Title, abstract in Chinese

Keywords in Chinese

Title & abstract in English

Keywords in English


Acceptable formats of thesis: Word or PDF

Requirements of attachment: zipped in one .rar file.

Audio: Mp3


Pictures: JPG or GIF

Text: PDF or WORD

Animation: GIF or FLASH

Size of all files shall be less than 50M

Final draft, same requirements