Notice on Applying for Off-Campus Work-Study Enrollment of International Students

Publisher:刘琪Published:2017-11-14Times :346

According to Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, Regulations on Management of Foreign Students, Regulations on the Management of Employment of Foreigners In China and other relevant laws and regulations, with the approval of the relevant authorities of the People’s Republic of China, international students in Nanjing can be engaged in temporary employment and obtain some labor remuneration in accordance with the laws in their spare time during the semester, we hereby notify the relevant issues as follows:

I. International students applying for being engaged in the work-study program shall meet the following conditions:

(I) being 18 years of age or above;

(II) holding valid residence permit for studying in the Chinese territory;

(III) accepting the higher academic education in Chinese colleges and universities;

(IV) having completed more than one-year training course in school, and the remaining effective residence time for more than six months;

(V) having handled the confirmation procedures for Physical Examination Record for Foreigner or made physical examination and being qualified in accordance with relevant regulations of the state;

(VI) no criminal record;

(VII) academic achievements meeting the standards set out by the school;

II. Off-campus work-study jobs for international students: part-time jobs in off-campus educational institutions.

III. Application procedures for off-campus work-study program of International students:

(I) International students submit a written application to the school's International Student Affairs Administration Department, with an original and a copy of valid identification card and valid residence permit, the International Students Work-Study Application Form, an original and a copy of materials related to the qualified physical examination;

(II) The school reviews students' applications, for those meeting the conditions of application, their original and a copy of valid identification card and valid residence permit, the International Students Work-Study Application Form, a copy of materials related to the qualified physical examination and approval document of the school will be sent to Jiangsu Foreign Enterprise Service Center by the competent department of the school;

(III) Jiangsu Foreign Enterprise Service Center shall review the application again, then the Center will recommend those who meet the conditions to the employers; after passing the interviews by the employers, the Jiangsu Foreign Enterprise Service Center will sign the Contract for Work-Study Program with the students; the Center is responsible for assisting students in applying for international students work-study license, paying taxes and fees and commercial insurance in Exit and Entry Administration Detachment of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, and filling with the school and relevant authorities.

IV. In case of the following circumstances, the work-study license shall be revoked:

(I) in violation of the management regulations of employer and the circumstances are serious;

(II) failing to meet the employers’ job requirements;

(III) working in the unit outside the units permitted by the work-study program;

(IV) exceeding the employment time limit prescribed by the Contract for Work-Study Program, and do not correct the same in time after being educated;

(V) providing false personal information;

(VI) leading to performance decrease, examination(assessment) failure or attendance decline because of work-study;

(VII) failing to comply with relevant laws and regulations in work-study activities.

Application Form 国际学生勤工助学申请表.xlsx