Agenda for the 4th China Pharmaceutical University International Students Academic Forum

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(13:30-18:30,April 28th2017)

13:30-14:25 Opening ceremony/scholarship–awarding ceremony

14:25-14:40 Group photo

14:40-15:10 Keynote presentation: Chemoprevention against inflammation-associated carcinogenesis by Nrf2/ARE inducers         Speaker: Dr. Hu Rong, Professor of Pharmacology, School of Preclinical Medicine & Clinical Pharmacy

15:10-16:45 International Students’ presentations (6)

1. Meriem Fizir (CPU): Polymer grafted-magnetic halloysite nanotube for controlled and sustained release of cationic drug

2. MD MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN (SEU): Inertial Sensors Based Gait and Posture Analysis in Parkinson’s disease

3. Yamina Ait Mehdi (CPU): Fluorescent Carbon Dots Modified Silica core-shell Microspheres for Paclitaxel Controlled Release with Carrier Self Decomposition and Cells Bio-imaging

4. Nadia kabir (CPU): An Introduction to The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

5. Asma Itatahine (CPU): Multifunctional Carbon Nanomateriels for Camptothecine Low-Water Soluble Anticancer Drug Delivery

6. Min, Kai Chia (NUCM): The new opportunities and challenges of time change for young investigators in Chinese Medicine

16:45-17:15 Poster presentation & break

17:15-18:20 International Students’ presentations (5)

7. Debanjan Das (CPU): The molecular mechanism of Pink1-Parkin mediated mitophagy in type-2 diabetes

8. Muhammad Abbas (CPU): A critical review: the quest of Clinical pharmacist in Pakistan Government Hospital, references USA and China Hospital setting, to salvage the Public health problems like diabetes

9. Abdullahi Ayuba (CPU): Zika Virus- A Global Threat

10. Khalil Ali (CPU): Antioxidant therapy for Management of Oxidative stress Induced Hypertension

11. Waqas Nawaz (CPU): Exo-organoplasty interventions: A brief review of past, present and future directions for advance heart failure management

18:20-18:25 Closing remarks

18:25-18:30 Forum certificate-presenting ceremony

18:30      Closing