Publisher:刘琪Published:2016-01-22Times :1283

Student Room Broadband Connection (宽带)

Jiangning Campus: broadband Internet access in student dormitory is currently provided by China Telecom (Customer Service Hotline: 10000). It requires a prepaid card, which is available at on-campus China Telecom store. 

Xuanwumen Campus: more providers are available,  such as China Mobile and China Unicom. 


Students may consult the providers for details and read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid overcharge. 

Students who find the hour and rates unsatisfactory may consult the on-campus  China Telecom store near Group F (with own passport) for better subscription (annual or 2-year contract including mobile & broadband Internet).


The International Office, as a third party, is not responsible for negotiating or explaining about service providers'  terms and conditions.