2015 China International Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy Education held at CPU

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May 25, 2015: The 2015 China  International Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy Education is held in the City of  Nanjing, China. The symposium is sponsored by: the Committee for Pharmaceutical  Specialities of Chinese Ministry of Education, Medical Education Branch of  Chinese Medical Association, as well as China Pharmaceutical University.  Over  200 clinical pharmacy experts and managers from the United States, Singapore,  Hong Kong and Taiwan  discussed situation and development of the global  education of Clinical Pharmacy.

9 AM, the Opening Ceremony  held at General Assembly Conference Center of Jiangsu Huangpu Hall was attended  by famous experts including Prof. DING Xiaochang, Deputy Director of Jiangsu  Provincial Education Department, Prof. LAI, Maode, President of China  Pharmaceutical University, Prof. YAO,Wenbing and Prof. KONG Lingyi, Vice  Presidents of CPU.  Experts and representatives from the University of Michigan,  Ohio State University, University of Minnesota, University of Hong Kong,  National University of Singapore, National Taiwan University, Peking  University,  Fudan University, Sichuan University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical  University and other well-known colleges and universities attended the opening  ceremony. The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. XU, Xiaoyuan, Director of  Academic Affairs, China Pharmaceutical University.

The Symposium sees the  establishment of Establishment  of Pharm.D. Education Consortium between Pharmaceutical Universities and/or  Colleges of China and USA. Member universities includeChina Pharmaceutical University, Beijing  University, Fudan University, Sichuan University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical  University and the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, University of  Minnesota College of Pharmacy. The Pharmaceutical Education Alliance ceremony  marks a closer working relationship between the leading institutions of China  and USA.

Before the seminar,  representatives of China Pharmaceutical University, Beijing University, Fudan  University, Sichuan University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University signed a  Pharm.D (Doctoral Degree in pharmacy) culture cooperation agreement with Ohio  State University.

Speech  delivered by Dr. DING,

Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Education  Department

Speech  delivered by Prof.LAI,

President of China Pharmaceutical University

Speech delivered by  Prof.Yao,

Vice President of China Pharmaceutical  University

Opening  Ceremoney hosted by Prof.Xu,

Director of Academic Affairs Office, China  Pharmaceutical University

Experts  giving lectures

Experts  giving lectures

The  Symposium

The  Establishment of Pharm.D. Education Consortium

between Pharmaceutical  Universities and/or Colleges of China and USA

Ohio State  University, USA signing Pharm.D. Cooperation Agreement with CPU


Foreign guests  interviewed by the media