First On-Campus Chinese Culture Festival for International Students was Successfully Launched at CPU

Publisher:邱明明Published:2016-01-11Times :60

May 18, 2013: A group of more than 70 Chinese students, international  students, educators and journalists gathered in the International Hall,  Jiangning Campus to launch CPU’s 1st Chinese Culture Festival co-organized by  CPU Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Jinling Institute of  Technology, Time New Language Education Institute and Nanjing Broadcasting &  Television Station, beginning with the ring of a gong and a welcoming speech by  Prof. Zhixiang Shi, deputy director of the Office of International Exchange  & Cooperation.

The festival was designed to give international students a feel of Chinese  culture and a chance to practice their Chinese language, through a vivid display  of traditional costume as well as interactive activities such as lantern  puzzles, Chinese calligraphy and paintings, games in ancient times, handicraft  arts and tea ceremony. In spite of the rain, all the international students  present were more than fascinated by the festival since it was their first time  to have such a close experience of Chinese culture.

This festival shows CPU’s efforts to explore the possibility of cooperating  with other institutions with the hope of better developing its Chinese language  programs for international students.